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About Us

First time in India, the rarest & luxurious seven fold handmade neckties exclusively designed and manufactured for boardroom gentlemen. The seven fold ties are unmistakably world’s most lavish neckwear and a hallmark of traditional Italian design. These exquisite neckties are carved out of a single piece of fabric meticulously folded 7 times by expert craftsmen. This unique structure knots smoothly and creates a graceful dimple that spreads luxuriantly down the neck. Extra stitches in neck & tail provides excellent draping. A hall mark Italian construction offering an ultimate discerning gentlemen’s style. As compared to normal ties the 7 folders are longer, wider, thicker & heavier. Manufacturing this luxury requires a lot of fabric and labour which determines the exorbitant price of final product. The price of an entry level 7 folder in international market starts at around 60 $ and goes up-to the extent of 800 $ per piece. The high retail price of these neck liners has restricted its penetration in Indian market. At Merolinni Gustavo, we are expertise in making 7 folded ties. Merolinni Gustavo has undertaken the endeavour for the first time in Indian market to introduce these exquisite & luxurious international standard designer neckties in India at an extremely affordable price range. 100% of our neckties are carved out of superior quality micro fibre jacquard fabric. All our ties are manufactured with extreme attention to details passing through stringent quality control parameters and complying with best in class international standard product range Amongst the features of our exclusive neck-liners are as:

  • Made from single piece of fabric folded 7 times on itself
  • Half bottle neck structure
  • Self tipping
  • Twice as heavy compared to traditional Necktie
  • More Strength and Stability
  • Excellent Balancing structure

Why seven folder attire stands out

  • Graceful dimple
  • Thick & Heavy
  • Drapes perfectly
  • Knots perfectly
  • Overall Scintillating appearance

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